Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Little Twisted (1)

I should have done this a year ago. That’s when Twisted Lust was published by Excessica in downloadable and paperback versions. I plugged it here and there, I waxed psycho-analytical about all the dark places in my psyche from which each of its quartet of stories might have stemmed, I provided hints as to the plots therein.

Somehow I forgot to include some damn extracts!

Twelve months on sales are starting to pick up again and interest is spreading in at least one corner of the English-reading world, largely due to the covert work of my Secret Agent. (Every eroticist should have their own secret agent, trust me on this if on nothing else.) It’s time to blow on these trickling flames by posting some salacious snippets. It’ll shift a few more copies for sure and it means that I won’t have to write anything original in my blog for the next few weeks. Result! (The additional upshot of this will be more time to write new stories and it you’re a regular Wicked Tales reader, this should bring a smile to your lips surely.)

This week’s extract is taken from arguably the most fucked-up story I have ever written, Little Black Dress. I like to think it has an edgy ‘good god, I can’t believe I’m about to cum to this’ quality, but you alone can be the judge of that, oh potential reader. In the section I’ve chosen, Aaron is desperate to find out what kinky fate has befallen his sweet girlfriend Carly, at the hands of malign blackmailer Miranda...

His thoughts were an adrenalised blank twenty minutes later as he ascended to Floor Eight and followed the signs to the Sinclair Suite. All he felt was a broad sense that everything had changed. That whatever he was walking into was beyond his control. He couldn’t let that be the case, however. Whatever Carly had done, he had to take the initiative away from Miranda. Standing before the door, key card clenched in his hand, he could hear his heartbeat amplified as in a personalised horror-movie soundtrack. Dreading the next moments of his life, he slotted the card, watched the light click to green and entered the room. 

A short passageway opened onto a freshly modern suite of moderate size. The blinds had been shut, everything washed in a roseate glow by two large oval red-shaded lamps either side of the room’s centrepiece. A four-poster bed framed in smooth lacquered ebony, its transparent muslin drapes pulled aside for access to the mattress. And bound tightly to the nearest end-post, Carly. 

Her back was tight against the square-edged vertical, arms stretched behind her, very obviously tethered. She was teetering in the strapped high heel shoes and she was clad in the black dress. Aaron instantly suspected she was wearing nothing else; the clothes in which she had left his apartment, brassiere and panties included, were slung over a plush armchair. Her make-up had been touched up, the wide stare of those frightened, pretty eyes accentuated by mascara and her lips shaded the same scarlet as Miranda’s. That was before they had been stretched around the ball-gag which had been inserted into her mouth. It was black to match the dress. 

Five hundred pounds’ worth of haute couture - the article which had brought about this mess. Had he not been so distracted by his uniquely bizarre situation, Aaron might have appreciated how well it draped his little punk-haired girlfriend. The skirt of the dress ran to mid-thigh, stretching elastically from her waist around the curves of her slender thighs. The top was a raggedy artwork of randomly crossed strips, plunging from the shoulder and stretching across the bodice, taut against her breasts. Her smooth arms were bare and triangles of honey-toned flesh - shoulder-blade and cleavage - were visible through the garment’s bandaging. She looked an exquisite fetishised doll. Miranda meanwhile was nowhere to be seen, just her jacket and bag deposited on the bed... 

So will Aaron be able to save his girl from Miranda’s wicked intentions or will become a reluctant pawn in her kinky plan? And is it all about to get ridiculously lewd and twisted for all concerned?

Come on, you know you want to find out...

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