Sunday, September 2, 2012

Return of the Rogue (1)

Jared Morgan is back.

He made a brief appearance via the sadly ill-fated Republica Press earlier this year, but after one short month of hard-fucking rock-and-rock mayhem, he vanished to have his fun out of the common view.

Now thanks to the good folk at Lush Publishing he has returned, all his rough-hewn scuffed-denim charm intact. It feels good to have the dude out there one more, working his moves on the girls and thrusting into them all through the night.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share some extracts, one from each of the three stories that comprise ‘The Jared Effect’. Today I’m kicking off with ‘Jared Hitches a Ride’, in which two girls on a road-trip take this anti-hero on board. When he makes his move on one, she surprises him with her reaction…

They stopped for gas, bottled water and candy at a roadside station and Mallory strolled off around the side of the store, no doubt to make a call on her cell. Vanessa filled the tank and picked up the snacks. Jared tossed her some dollars for the gas and an eight-pack of bottled beers.
 “Glad you can pay your way,” she told him at the check-out, “since you’ll be booking into your own motel room tonight.”
“What, no space on your floor? Hey, I’m used to roughing it and I don’t snore.”
“Your nocturnal habits don’t concern me,” she said. “I just don’t want you ripping me off like Brad Pitt did to Thelma in the movie. It’s rent your own space, buddy, or the cold hard highway.” She handed her card to the check-out guy.
“Vanessa, I’m hurt,” he said, though he didn’t sound it. “I’ve no designs on your personal property.” He leaned close and dropped his voice. “It’s a whole other kind of ripping off I have in mind.”
“Is that so?” She stayed impassive, but she loved his gall. The thought of him popping buttons and splitting seams as he exposed her full breasts was wildly appealing. Lifting the grocery sack she turned heel and made him pursue her out of the store. “God, do a guy a good turn and his dick nearly bursts out of his pants,” she said.
“I’m glad you noticed.”
“Two pretty girls pick up a guy and he just thinks he’s gonna bang them both.”
“You picked me up, Red, not Mallory.”
 She paused outside the restrooms and poked a restraining hand to his chest. “Maybe, but it’s Mallory I want to talk about—”
He grabbed her wrist and propelled her unexpectedly through the door of the mens’ restroom, his expression hardening.
“Jared, what the fuck!” She nearly dropped the grocery sack but he caught it and dumped it in a sink, before putting her up against the cold tiles. He pinned both her wrists and squeezed his thigh between hers. His face hovered just above hers, full of calm lust.
“Let’s cut to the chase while the college girl’s not around.” He let go one wrist to grab her ass and pull her tight to him. His cock was swollen to impressive size. She could feel it through their layers of denim, fully primed and ready to impale. Under his pulsing pressure she juiced up even more. Arrogant fuck.
“Goddamn, do you romance all your girls this way?”
“Romance is overrated. And it’s not what you’re looking for. Been a while, hasn’t it, Vanessa?”
She matched his stare and dug fingers into the taut strands of his hair. This was fun. “You read me that well, do you?”
“Cover to cover. I know exactly what the fuck you want.” He released her other wrist and grabbed to the roots of her thick hair, mouth and teeth clamping on her neck.
Oh my god …
“So you’re gonna screw me here in a public restroom, like the classy guy you are.” The prospect didn’t sound such a bad one.
He ran his tongue up to her ear. “Maybe I am. And maybe I’m just gonna let you think about my cock in your cunt while you drive. Unless you beg for it right now.”
“God, Jared, you’re a fucking piece of work.” She squirmed her hand between their crotches and grabbed at the top of his pants, commencing to pop the buttons of his jeans one by one. Looking down she saw that the bulbous phallic head had sprung free of his briefs. She plunged her hand all the way down—down his thick, sculpted shaft. Cock quivering, shaved balls bristling under her touch.
A thing of fucking beauty.
Jesus, she wanted this.
Wanted him.
She looked up and resisted the burning of his eyes into hers. There was a higher purpose to cling to. “Oh, yeah. You’d do,” she said. “If I’d decided for sure I needed to fuck, you’d do just fine.”
Even in his arousal he looked amused. “What the hell else you got planned for tonight?”
She withdrew her hand, spat on her palm and replaced it around his cock, massaging up and down, getting him slippery with saliva. He bridled under her touch. “I’ve got a challenge for you, stud. How much do you want to put this inside me?”
“Nearly as much as you want me to put it there,” he shot back. But there was fascination in his voice along with the arrogance. “Go on, challenge me.”

If you want to read about the challenge and find out whether Jared is equal to it, follow this link (the invisible one between the asterisks:
More Jared-related tease next week.

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