Saturday, September 15, 2012

Return of the Rogue (3)

Yes, ‘The Jared Effect’ remains mightily available on Amazon and isn’t getting any less sexy-filthy: **

Two recent reviews go as follows:

This is one of my favourite erotic trilogies I’ve ever read. Jared is a bad boy, but such a likeable character. He has a sexual magnetism about him that pulls women to him. He takes what he wants and gives her what she needs, and then he’s on his way to his next adventure. Jared is one of my favourite characters and I sincerely hope to see him again in new sexy adventures. This book is hot, steamy, and sexy and highly recommend it if you like a dominating guy who’s fun too.

Thank you EmmyGirl. And:

This is a must have if you enjoy steamy erotica. The book draws you in from the very beginning. Good all the way through

Much gratitude, Noraj.

Here’s a final excerpt from the last of the three stories, ‘Jared Teaches a Lesson’, in which our boy romances the teacher on whom he had a crush as a school kid…

“Is that what you expect from tonight?” she finally managed. “You planning on adding me to your collection, Jared? One more evil encounter you can draw on your artist’s pad?”
He leaned into her, drawing the book from her hand and throwing it casually onto the counter top. She was so aware of his hard upper body, of the locked-and-loaded contents of his jeans, that her heart tremored. It did not occur to her to move away. “Oh, you wouldn’t just be one more encounter, Sylvia. You’d have pride of place.”
The heat flared within her. “Oh, would I? And what would you do, spread it all over Facebook? Let the class of … what … 2000 know about your great conquest?” The thought chilled her.
“I don’t do Facebook. And I’ve no great desire to contact any of my old classmates. Haven’t really stayed in touch with the old gang.” She heard the cool irony in his voice and believed him. “This isn’t for bragging rights,” he told her, casually throwing back the rest of his whiskey. “It’s between you and me. Now drink up.”
He directed the words straight at her as though she would obey. Conflict raged within, the type which had begun the moment he first set eyes on her, between feeling flattered and patronized. The career teacher wanted to slap him for his presumption, but the frustrated wife desired him for that same attribute. Maybe her preoccupation with work had made her resistant to her husband. She just wished he’d had the skill or the desire or the balls to cut through it all the way this bastard was doing. After the briefest hesitation she gulped down her whiskey and set her glass rattling onto the countertop. Her head was spinning with alcohol and escalating desire and she knew she was toast. “God, Jared, you’re the same arrogant shit you always were—”
He seized her by the waist and pulled her tight to him. She stood limp in his grasp, her sex pulsing against the pressure of his, as she stared into the cool blue of his eyes. His expression barely flickered as he spoke. “And you’re the same red-hot sexy bitch, Miss Steele.”
Oh my god … She reached out with both hands and ran her palms over the taut skin of his upper arms. Then she stroked the contour of his cheekbone down to his craggy jawline. He continued to press his groin close to hers as she parted the waistcoat and teased the smooth tight-packed muscle of his chest with her free hand, letting herself linger on the rigid peak of one nipple. Everything she touched was forbidden by her self-imposed rules. So forbidden and hard and cunt-drippingly delicious.
He’s a student, okay, ex-student. Hell, I’m still married … He’s Someone Who’s Not My Husband.
Sylvia was hard-pressed to recall sex-before-Chester, thought fleeting moments at the drunken end of a student house-party fifteen years ago still surfaced when she masturbated alone. She seemed to recall that his name had been Daryl. Shit, she deserved this, didn’t she? To let go her unforgiving principles and just give herself to Jared fucking Morgan.
“Dammit, I’m going to regret this in the morning,” she moaned, her mouth homing in on his.
He shoved one hand into her hair and gripped. She gasped, restrained as she was from properly planting the kiss, and his warm breath flooded her mouth. “I don’t want you doing anything you’ll regret,” he said, his lips brushing hers.
 “I don’t care right now,” she replied breathily, “just hurry up and kiss me if you’re going to do it.”
His fingers tightened into her curls and she bridled with frustration at being denied the intimate contact. “I don’t think so, Sylvia. It just doesn’t seem right for me to take advantage of you when you’re drunk.”
What the hell was he playing at? He’d won his game—made her admit to herself how much she wanted this, so that her whole body was demonstrating it to him. “I’m not drunk, not that drunk. I want you to take advantage, okay? You have my permission, is that what you want to hear?”
She tried again to claim his mouth, but he persisted in holding her back, so that the tug on her scalp hurt a little. She could see the smirk on his lips and feel his bone-hard erection. It was clear how much his body craved her, so why the hell didn’t he just get on with it? Irritation flared along with her screaming internal frustration.
“Goddamnit, Jared, just fuck me already!”

Support Jared in his hard-fucking efforts. He gives his all and deserves that you have his back. He’s got it all covered in front. 

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  1. OK, after reading the excerpt I have to say this sounds pretty AWESOME! I am definitely buying it now! :)