Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Publicity Thing

The following pic is a cheap attempt at enlivening an otherwise business-related blog entry. It does make me consider what the photo-shoot was like...

Okay, down to business. 

Got my sales figures for April-June from Excessica, for ‘Twisted Lust’ and ‘Gabrielle and the Devil’. They made me laugh. Out loud. Quite literally. Seems like every book including ‘A Detailed History of Lentils’ was outselling me at that point.

Now I know for a fact that things have picked up since then, but that’s largely due to some localized word-of-mouth and one particularly enthusiastic Malden fan, who I’d like to clone. The situation is also helped (and Christ knows it needed some helping) by the fact that ‘The Jared Effect’ is out there again with hopefully a resultant knock-on effect due to those who buy it.

My current problem is this – how the hell do you get a book moving independently on Amazon? Right now I’m working for every sale having achieved no momentum there whatsoever. I figured there’d be some kind of steady trickle effect, but I figured wrongly. So without labouring the point, let me leave that Amazon-related question with you and add another one. A key question.

If a writer has a product in which they have confidence, what methods might he best use to get grass-rootsy word-of-mouth publicity working on his behalf?
Any thoughts?

While I’m asking, let me request. My books need reviews and bulked-up tags on Amazon. If you have read any of them and enjoyed, might I impose upon you for a brief positive review and to agree with the tags I’ve put in place? It’s undignified to plead I know, but hell, dignity is a casualty of being an aspiring author it seems.

This is quite a dull entry so I’m going to spice it up with another unrelated sexy pic. I’m also going to push ‘Twisted Lust’ some more starting today, by blogging extracts. So look out for that.


  1. It is difficult to get your name out there. It takes a lot of hard work with PR. And asking friends for help. Oh and the pics are really hot. Can always rely on you for those to warm me up. Great going Jake

  2. I'd love to help. Gabrielle and the Devil has had a home on my Kindle since I got it, but now she nestles up against The Jared Effect. Fret not, Jake. A writer of your talent is bound to make everyone sit up and take notice.

  3. I agree 200% with Naomi. It's not about releasing a new book and then idly twiddling your thumbs to wait for sales to trickle in. You really have to work hard at it. I personally don't recommend Amazon, but it does take time on there to build momentum. Allow a good year after a book has been released and then don't expect mind blowing sales figures. I highly recommend Smashwords. They rock and you have control over your work. Also milk social media networks. Use your blog to promote not just yourself, but others too. Get into the right circles that will build you up. Avoid toxic circles that whine, bitch and moan about things that are not constructive. This takes time, but is not impossible. Call on your fans to share a post. Host blog competitions for fans who write an alternate ending to one of your books - interact with the public and others a lot through social media. If you're looking for more PR tips and tricks, come talk to me. I love your work and will bend over backwards to promote you! BTW - Have you got in touch with the Inspiration Forum as yet?? I believe someone there is still waiting to interview you... There's a little free publicity honey - now go, jump all over it! *Cracks the whip* :)