Monday, October 15, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesdays (11) - Stolen Time

Is it Tuesday? Then it must be Tantalizing! And Teasing. And Tempting. And Totally Torrid. And other stuff beginning with T which suggests hot sex. Try my offering for this week (it's one of my favourites so far). And try out those of my friends - sometimes moving and romantic, sometimes wicked. Here are links to their Tuesday Tales...

Pablo Michaels (Michael T. Jordan):
Paloma Beck:

Stolen Time

I fuck Michelle every Wednesday. The motel we use is equidistant from my work and her dutiful weekly visits. It’s clean, cheap and discreet. The shower is capacious and it’s there I’m doing her now, her palms flat on the tiles, ass thrusting back to meet the sawing of my shaft into her tight cunt.

“He fuck you like this?” I pull on her roped hair, jerking back her head, accentuating the curve of her slippery back. My hand leans on the shelf of her lower spine as I pump. “Well, does he?”

“No…”  Spray pelts her taut body. My hips surge, cock driving deep. “Oh god…” Her voice is aching, piteous.

I thrust again and each stroke gratifies. His damned fraud almost took me down with him and it screwed the business to near-collapse. Now I screw his lissom wife. Fair’s fair, partner. She’s stood by him, but a healthy young woman has her needs, right?

Good behaviour, and his early release is secured. Three weeks’ time…

“That’s it, fucking take it!” I ram to her moist centre and she cries out, cunt clutching and bathing every inch of me in its hot gush. Life, for now, is sweet. 



  1. Sweet indeed, hot picture and an even steamier tease! Love the little story behind this too! Purr!

  2. OMG! Melting moment and then some. Need to go shove some ice down my panties after reading that highly explicit and heart pounding scene. Gosh! Loved it. Keep em er..hum.. coming :) <3

  3. Great 200 words to go with the photo. His revenge was perfect.

  4. Decadent. I somehow pity the woman caught in the middle.

  5. oooh... loved the emotion in those 200 words.

  6. Revenge is best served hot and often. And you delivered! What a scortching piece...'roped hair'.....Good behavior or Life, how sweet it is!! Exceptional:) xo

  7. My friend Muffy has the right idea. The Klingon claim that revenge is a dish best served cold, clearly in this case, it's a dish best served, hot, wet and often. I love that picture, he's pulling her hair and she's arching her back to give him better access. Whew, your flash is just as hot as the photo. Well done.

  8. yes.... i love it... every sordid detail. i think that in some way she is getting her own revenge.