Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Publication – No Mercy
It’s not big and it’s not clever. And it’s certainly not subtle. Anti-subtle would be the word, if it were already part of the English lexicon.

‘No Mercy’ was a challenge set (either by myself or by a reader, I can’t remember now) several years ago. I’d discovered a story on named something along the lines of ‘Sweet Petite Ebony Paula’. I obviously misremember the title, because I’ve just failed in a search for it on the site. No matter. That tale served its purpose in my dubious progress as a writer. Allow me to explain.

The ‘Paula’ short had no literary pretentions. It was a hardcore fuck story from start to finish, written from the most randy male point-of-view imaginable. I mean this narrative was saturated in lust, dripping with deep-seated sexual relish. The writer, while demonstrating an adequate use of prose, came across as a college student boiling with desire and letting it explode messily all over the page. There was a crude humour to his fiction along with a determination to create the most explicit and debauched stroke-story possible. The guy only wrote three pieces for Literotica, as I recall, and I got a sense that he drained himself creatively in doing so. Maybe he just re-read them a lot and that sufficed.

The premise of ‘Paula’ was simple. Guy dates hot but slightly prim girl and fucks her free of all her primness in one hot night. Then on another night he brings his two best buds along and they all fuck her even more free of her primness. That’s it. Not that it needed anything more. For all its sophomoric writing style, it was—how best to put it?—a total fuckin’ blast to read, dude!!! In fact I read it several times quite avidly. And then I asked myself, a certain female reader of my Literotica work backing up the question, could I write something even more lust-addled and hardcore?

Such was the challenge and ‘No Mercy’ is the result. I can’t help but feel that need to explain the story’s origins before anyone reads it, especially those who have read say ‘The Jared Effect’ or ‘Nailing Neely Jordan’. ‘A bit of a deviation from your other work’ is how Nicola of Lush Publishing describes it, and indeed the narrative voice is of a type I seldom adopt. The narrator of events in ‘No Mercy’ is an erotic writer detailing his seduction and subsequent debauching of one of his readers. His tone is arrogant, self-aggrandizing and lacking in the merest trace of respect for the girl on whom he’s homing in. He is totally focused on gratifying his own ego and sexual desire, both of which are immense. Oh, and his name’s Jake, which has been a source of tease for some readers who encountered it on the free sites and of irritation for others. At least one male reader was appalled at my inflated opinion of my own sexual performance. I’m not sure he grasped the notion of ‘fiction’ and my conceit of blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Happily most other readers get the playfulness.

It is, I should stress, meant to be playful. The sex is outlandishly hard and filthy, the level of male braggadocio pretty damn extreme; however the language’s overblown nature is tongue-in-cheek, cartoonish even. Or that’s what I intended. A prose representation of the type of spirit summoned by the wonderful Kamitora in his sex cartoons. Hence if you take enjoyment from looking as these…
…then you’ll most certainly be entertained by ‘No Mercy’. Here’s a brief extract to let you know exactly what to expect.

"I've got it right here..." She reached just out of frame and picked up an enormous rubber cock, rich in anatomical detail. It was long and thick, shooting upwards to a fat, spearing head, from an equally impressive set of synthetic balls. It reminded me pretty much of my own cock.

"Good choice, Holly." I wanted my pole more insistently and thought gleefully about what I was about to see. "Now show me what you do with a big dick."

My hot little cam-girl took the monster shaft in her slim hands and began licking her way tentatively about the bulbous know-end, eyeing me over it meekly. Her dainty, wet tongue darted about the cock and then she sucked the whole head into her pretty mouth, as I imagined the sensation around my own swollen member. "Go on, Holly," I encouraged. "Get your mouth around it. Show me how a whore sucks cock."

She did her best, I'll grant her that, slurping several inches of fake fuck-rod into her mouth and giving it a good noisy suck, then releasing it and slavering her way all over the thickly ridged shaft. But all I could think of was how much better I could use that mouth and throat if I accessed them with my own pole. How much better I would do it. "Good girl," I exhorted. "Fuck your face some more. Deeper. Show me what I want to see." And she tried once more, gagging a little this time, as she shoved an extra inch or two past her full lips. Then she withdrew it, spluttering saliva involuntarily over the head. A lovely sight and one that reinforced the hardness of my cock, but also proof of how badly she needed a lesson.

"Okay, now fuck that big wet cock with your tits." She held the great dildo to her chest and wrapped her pliant breasts around it, drawing her nipples together with one hand, then she began to pump the slick shaft up and down the resultant channel, looking at me subserviently all the while. "Harder, do it harder. Imagine my big dick thrusting up to your chin. Go on, give me what I fucking need." She worked it harder, but not hard enough. Not as hard as I'd work it once I got my chance. "That's good, Holly. Give it a nice hot tit-fuck. Now spit on it again. Get it really wet. It's got somewhere to go and we both know where."

I was bone-hard, ready to see some really nasty solo action from my camera-slut. I watched in lustful wonder as she drooled all over the massive fuck-toy, spread the moisture with her fist over the whole length and aimed it between her spread legs. "Like this?" she asked, scared but anxious to please. "I've never used one of these before."

"Like this?" she asked, scared but anxious to please. "I've never used on of these before."

it occurred to me how much she must have blushed purchasing the obscene cock. Had a guy sold it to her? If so, he had surely looked at this lovely lithe girl and pictured where the big motherfucker would finally end up. Maybe he grinned at her knowingly, causing her to blush to the roots of her hair. He most certainly wanked himself off at the thought later on. But it was me who was about to see the thing make its slow journey into her wet snatch.

"Don't worry Holly." I encouraged wickedly, "it works just like a real cock. You stuff it up your cunt and imagine some horny bastard like me has just overpowered you and slammed it in. Go on, let me see you stick it inside."

There. That should provide you with a reasonable idea as to the type of story we’re dealing with here. Brace yourself for what Lush’s Nicola labels ‘one of the most hardcore stories I think I’ve ever read’.

Alternatively go read some literature. All depends on your mood, right?


  1. Way to go! And another book to add to my overly-long reading list! So where can I find this gem of iniquity? LOL! ;o)

  2. Read it ..loved it! now in more ways than one;)

  3. Read it ..loved it! now in more ways than one;)