Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesdays (32) - Boinnngggg!

I have to admit - I got stymied this week. I had a wonderful delicious image and thought the idea was all in place, but when I went to write the teaser it all went wrong. I couldn't make it fit - no innuendo intended, but smirk by all means. Basically the original scenario I had in mind didn't work with aspects of the gif and when I tried to change it, everything went wrong. Happily I was chatting to the lovely Scottish Holly Shamrock on Lush Stories during this maddening crisis and ran it past her. Instantly she identified the perfect storyline and it's been plain sailing since then. So thank you, Holly - today's 200-words of tantalization are all dedicated to you.

Here's the link to the Tuesday teasers of all my talented fellow-writers:


And heeeeeeeere's mine:


“Today it’s the full examination.” Relish spilled from Sunita’s voice as she dropped to her knees before Matt Brooker. Unprofessional, sure—but hell, the Olympic swimmer had flirted with her through six sessions. Miss this final opportunity? No damn way.

With a two-handed grip she wrenched down his shorts. They snagged momentarily on something huge, then—BOINNNGGGG! It sprang free and swayed precariously—a great petrified salami, nearly smacking her face. Sunita’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Hard-helmeted and ready for battle, this was a truly Olympian cock. Her cheating bastard boyfriend had nothing on this champion.

She stared up the swimmer’s streamlined body to his cocky smile. God, she’d bet it never got old for him—a girl’s first-time reaction to his lavish phallic proportions. Second only to her expression, no doubt, when he rammed every inch inside her. The thought shuddered Sunita to her wet core.

“You worked wonders on my groin strain. See? No dysfunction whatsoever.”

“Nope.” Her worshipping hands brushed his length; it bobbed like miraculously levitating granite. “Seems everything’s working okay.”

“Hopefully.” He stroked her hair and grinned. “I need a try-out and you need some therapy. Get stripped and on that table. Now.”


  1. Yeah Raven I thought the same thing.

  2. WOW! Amazing GIF and I'm so glad you talked to Holly! I hate to be repetitive, but GULP!!!

  3. I'm not sure if she should be excited or frightened by what he has in mind...

  4. Perfect tease to go with a perfect gif, super hot.

  5. Oh my, not sure If I wouldn't run from that ;-)

    Great tease!

  6. That's a wicked picture! Her expression is priceless! Great post Jake but the others are right, he's a little scary!

  7. Encore! Encore! For both teasers.

  8. When I viewed your picture, I immediately wanted to grasp hold of his swinging dick. I wouldn't waste any time to start the action, as I'm sure she wanted. The last line was perfect.

  9. Who is that girl? She is as hot as the story.